Memorial Services for West Seneca, NY

When a loved one passes, it is emotionally stressful. It is a sad time, and you miss your loved one. The grieving process is different for everyone. A nice memorial service always helps though. It is a nice way to honor them while going through the grieving process.

A memorial service is much like a funeral but without the presence of the body. The nice thing about them is that they can be held at any location. It could be held at the deceased’s favorite beach, the park, or the family home. There is also no formal structure, so you can make it any way you like. You can have people delivering religious prayers, songs sung, or musical instruments played. 

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Memorial Service

  • Professionalism: We understand that losing a loved one is always difficult. The one who has passed away and their family deserve the utmost respect. We take great care in planning every detail for you to ensure that there are no errors or unpleasantries of other kinds.
  • Flexibility: We will help you set up your memorial service anywhere. You can hold it at our funeral home, your home, a park, the beach, or anywhere else you may want to have it held.
  • Convenience: We can handle all the details involved with a memorial including creating a photo collage, ordering flowers, setting up chairs, and anything else that is needed for a memorable service.

Contact Our Funeral Home Today

At Smolarek Daniel R Funeral Home, we provide professional memorial services to the West Seneca, NY area. If your loved one has passed and you want to honor them without the traditional funeral service, a memorial service is an option. It allows you to honor and grieve for them in a way that best suits you and their memory. We can help you set up a memorial service at the deceased’s favorite restaurant, beach, park, or anywhere else. Contact us today for more information!