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Wherever you go, we’ll be right here. Below are a range of ways to reach us anytime. Please visit our funeral home on the property, pick up the phone or send a note. We promise to be responsive and quickly address any questions or concerns you may have. Our funeral directors serve families in Depew, West Seneca, & areas throughout Buffalo, NY. Contact us today to discuss prearranged funeral services for you or a loved one, cremation services, traditional funeral services, memorial services, military burials & more. We are dedicated to serving families in their time of grief with top quality funeral services. We approach each service with compassion and  integrity. 

Contact Us to Arrange for Cremation Services or to Prearrange a Funeral

Prearranged funerals, cremation services, and memorial services take the burden off your family, which can be a huge benefit when emotions are high. If you have made all the decisions, nobody has to try to figure out what you would want once you're gone. You can handle all the details so your loved ones don't have to worry; this can give you peace of mind as well. Prearranging your own funeral allows you to choose what kind of service you want and make informed, thoughtful decisions about specifics and cost. Reach out to us if you are interested in making arrangements. Our professionals specialize in prearranged funerals; we can help you make arrangements for yourself or a loved one. Call today to get started!

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